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State Space Corporation ROSСOSMOSROSCOSMOS is a State Corporation, established in August 2015 for a comprehensive reform of the Russian space industry.
State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS provides the State Space policy implementation and its legal regulation. ROSCOSMOS is making orders to develop, manufacture and supply of space equipment and space infrastructure objects.
The state corporation is also responsible for the international cooperation development in the space area and the creation of conditions to use the results of space activities in the social and economic development of Russia.

Strategic partner

Non-commercial Partnership for Development and Use of Navigation Technologies (GLONASS Union)The Noncommercial Partnership for Development and Use of Navigation Technologies (GLONASS Union)” was established on 25th May 2012. The founders of the Partnership were leading companies of the navigation and information markets: Yandex Ltd., OJSC “Navigation-information systems”, OJSC “RTKomm.RU”, OJSC “MTS”, OJSC “VympelKom”, OJSC “MegaFon”, Summa Telecom Ltd. and the Association “GLONASS/GNSS-Forum”.
The goal of the Partnership’s establishment is supporting the development of a competitive navigation information services sector in Russia.

GLONASS Union objectives:

  • supporting legislative development in the field of navigation activities;
  • developing a common technology policy for navigation sector;
  • uniting the efforts and combining the resources of public and private sectors for development and adoption of navigation products and services that use GLONASS technology in Russia and abroad;
  • forming a global ecosystem of developers and service and content providers that utilize GLONASS technology.
By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 25th May 2012 No.522, to ensure the unity of technological management and to deliver the services for federal state and other needs, the Noncommercial Partnership (NP) “GLONASS” was assigned the federal network operator in the field of navigation activity.


On 18th September 2012 by an order of the Government of the Russian Federation the Noncommercial Partnership was assigned the only performer of the works within the project of the building of the national automated system for road accident emergency response “ERA-GLONASS”.


Official partner

Russian Satellite Communications Company

The Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) is the Russian state satellite operator whose spacecraft provide a global coverage. RSCC was founded in 1967 and belongs to the ten largest world satellite operators in terms of satellites and orbital slots. Satellites located in the orbital arc from 14 West to 145 East and cover the whole territory of Russia, the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific region, North and South America, and Australia.
RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services using its own terrestrial engineering facilities and satellite constellation, which includes state-of-the-art satellites Express-AM, Express-A, and a part of the French 36A satellite capacity. The company’s satellites offer wide opportunities for TV & radio broadcasting, broadband Internet access, data transmission, videoconferencing, VSAT network deployment, as well as departmental and corporate communications networks worldwide. RSCC has deployed a modern ground satellite control center that is used to control and monitor the company’s own satellites, as well as Eutelsat, Intelsat and other satellites.
The company includes five Satellite Communications Centers (SCC): Dubna, Bear Lakes, Skolkovo, Zheleznogorsk and Khabarovsk, as well as the Shabolovka Technical Center in Moscow and the company’s own high-speed optical-fiber digital network.


Innovations Partner

Skolkovo FoundationThe Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in September 2010 by the Russian government with the objective of accelerating Russia’s transformation from a resource-intensive to an innovation-based economy. To achieve this objective, the Foundation is overseeing the creation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, composed of more than 1,000 high-tech startups, Skolkovo Technopark, the Skolkovo Institute of Technology (Skoltech) - a new graduate research University established in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - and Skolkovo city, located near Moscow. Together, these entities establish a vibrant ecosystem of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. The cumulative revenue of Skolkovo’s startups through June 2015 reached $1 billion. They brought in more than $236 million in investment, creating 17,500 jobs and filing over 1,800 patent applications along the way. By 2020 over 2 million square meters of residential and office space will be built in Skolkovo with 35,000 people working daily in the Innovation Center.

Navigation Partner

OJSC “NIIMA “Progress"Partnership. We believe that close cooperation is the way to mutual success and the key essential element to reach the high targets: creation of quality products that meet specific markets’ and customers’ needs; complete service solution from design development to production and marketing. What we do must be tailored to customers’ needs and match to markets specifics and trends. MRI «Progress» conduct research and development projects in close collaboration with all stakeholders in order to deliver the results on time and in high quality.
Innovation. Microelectronic industry itself is rapidly growing and innovative. A powerful trend in contemporary Russian society - innovations must become one of the main principles for the development of our company. Innovations are not limited to science and research only, we will push innovation limits also in more effective forms of cooperation, management and self-development. The constant introduction of innovations in R&D, services and technologies will be the driving force for our «Progress».
Technology. Microelectronics industry is driven by technologies. Innovation and Partnership reinforce the technological basis for the successful implementation of knowledge and skills in the real products. We imply technology as the most convenient, economical and rational sequence of actions to reach the target in research or administrative functions, in economics and communications as well. Our company will create technologies that will satisfy and serve the state and society needs in the best way.

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Huawei TechnologiesBy leveraging our strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise, Huawei's strategy in the enterprise domain focuses on close cooperation and integration with partners to deliver a wide range of highly efficient customer-centric ICT solutions and services that are based on a deep understanding of customer needs. In line with our strategy, we offer a broad portfolio of innovative ICT solutions that cater to global vertical industry and enterprise customers across government and public sector, finance, transportation, energy, large enterprises and small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). Our portfolio covers enterprise networking, unified communications & collaboration (UC&C), cloud computing & data center, enterprise wireless, network energy and infrastructure services.

Technology partner

SpaceTeam holding

Postal address:
Bld. 2, Volgograd Prospect, Moscow, Russia, 109316
7 (495) 782-39-14
7 (495) 782-39-15

SpaceTeam® – IT-company is the leading navigational team in the Russian transport telematics and satellite navigation market based on GLONASS/GPS technologies. SpaceTeam® holding brings together a strong team of highly skilled professionals with more than 14 years experience gained since the beginning of the Russian navigation industry. SpaceTeam® is the technological leader in the Russian transport telematics and satellite navigation market based on GLONASS/GPS technologies.


“Certification Center Svyaz-sertificat”Autonomous noncommercial organization “Certification Center Svyaz-sertificat” was established in 1997 and provides a full range of services for certification of management systems, communication services, testing of communication means, satellite navigation equipment as well as ERA-GLONASS in-vehicle emergency call devices / systems. One of the organization department of ANO “Certification Center Svyaz-sertificat” is a testing laboratory “ERA” that has the most modern equipment and measuring instruments at its disposal manufactured by top global companies such as Anritsu, Rohde&Schwarz, National Instruments, HEAD acoustics. This equipment allows to simulate appropriate fragments of telecommunication network based on the latest technologies and standards and to measure the parameters of tested telecommunication and navigation devices. Specialists of the testing laboratory “ERA” are actively involved in the development of normative legal acts in the communication field, as well as complexes of state and interstate standards defining the requirements and test methods in order to verify compliance with specified requirements of the in-vehicle emergency call devices / systems and satellite navigation equipment.

NVS Navigation Technologies Ltd. (part of the NAVIS Group)NVS Navigation Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2011. The company develops, manufactures and sells navigation modules and equipment GLONASS/GPS/GALILEO/COMPASS/SBAS. NVS Navigation Technologies Ltd. is a part of the NAVIS Group.

NPP ITELMA LTDNPP ITELMA (i.e. Engineering Production Enterprise ITELMA LLC) is a financially stable engineering and industrial Holding with effective management system, large engineering and technical resources that has carried with success on its activities since 1994.
The Holding has consolidated a number of enterprises specialized in manufacture of the wide assortment of automotive components, certificated and functioning in conformity with the international quality standard of motorcar industry ISO TS 16949.
Industrial Sites of the Holding are located in Moscow, Kostroma, Dimitrovgrad, Krasnoslobodsk.
NPP ITELMA Engineering Centers are located in Moscow, Togliatti and Vladimir.
Basis of the NPP ITELMA successful development is its professional engineering research and development teams that being leaned against modern material base successfully solve tasks aimed at creation of competitive production.
NPP ITELMA is the largest supplier of electronic accessories for the Russian manufacture cars such as LADA GRANTA, LADA KALINA, LADA PRIORA, DATSUN assembled by JSC “AVTOVAZ” (51 % of the automotive electronics segment), and since September 2015 for new vehicles of the said Motorcar Giant as LADA VESTA and LADA X-RAY.
NPP ITELMA is also the long-term partner and reliable supplier for such leading Russian motorcar manufacturers, as GAZ, UAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ.
NPP ITELMA supplies automotive components for engines and interior electronics, in particular engine control units, instrumental clusters, radio receivers and players of sound files, multimedia systems, including those with function of navigating positioning of a vehicle and so on.
During development of LADA VESTA and LADA X-RAY Projects for JSC “AVTOVAZ” NPP ITELMA has worked its way up the advanced positions in the country on designing and manufacturing of operational blocks for the telecommunication system of electronic call of emergency field services for vehicles "ERA-GLONASS" (TKS-EG) that provide a basic set of functional properties of the system. Thereupon NPP ITELMA was also inquired by GAZ, UAZ and KAMAZ in which interests the due works of similar systems designing for their cars now are conducted.
Designing and production manufacturing at NPP ITELMA is a complex of arrangements aimed at guaranteed performance of its Customers’ requirements in regards of technical and qualitative parameters at serial production.

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS)

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) is the global leader in developing and manufacturing of precision positioning equipment. The company offers the largest selection of innovative precision GPS and GNSS systems, commercial lasers, optical instruments for surveying and civil engineering applications, machine control, and agricultural products.
The company is the recognized innovation design and manufacturing trend-setter in the areas of precise positioning and machine control, pioneered the integration of positioning and automation technologies with one single goal: To save time.
The TPS story of unprecedented growth of quality positioning instruments, software, hardware and applications started with several key acquisitions, starting with Advanced Grade Technology in 1995, which originated automated grade control technology. In 2000, TPS acquired Javad Positioning Systems, Inc., a leading provider of high-accuracy GPS and GPS/GLONASS products.
We offer products under brand names Topcon, Sokkia, MAGNET.
Our reputation is built on two key elements of business: Technological advancements and providing exemplary customer service.


Strategic Internet Partner

Gazeta.RUGazeta.RU is the first socio-political online newspaper which was launched in September 1999.
It’s one of the 5 biggest Russian on-line newspapers according to the audience-rating made up by LiveInternet.RU. And is the second Russian on-line newspaper according to the citation-rating build up bymlg.ru

Strategic Media Partner

Herald of GLONASS"Herald of GLONASS" - an innovative integrated comprehensive media platform in the practical use of satellite navigation in various sectors of the economy and human life.
"Herald of GLONASS" promotion offers a single platform with maximum coverage of the target audience through the use of special media resources for the different target groups.
Printed and electronic version of the journal, information and news resource on the Internet (www.vestnik-glonass.ru), posting information on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte) newsletter by e-mail, company directory, catalog solutions, market analysis club of business communication, an annual award of the magazine.
The journal "Herald of GLONASS" - the first interdisciplinary journal in the field of practical use of the GLONASS satellite navigation technologies in different sectors of the economy and human life.

Industry partner

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) RussiaThe Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Russia – a non-profit partnership aimed at promoting the development of digital advertising. IAB Russia is a member of the international chain of IAB associations with the headquarters located in New Yourk (USA). IAB is the world's largest association of companies within the market of digital advertising that has been operating in almost 40 countries on 4 continents. As a market expert, IAB Russia aims to support the growth and development of the digital advertising market in Russian Federation.

Official media partner

TelecomDaily Information Analysis AgencyEvery day the site posts a score of news from the telecommunications market, among which are author’s news, media monitoring, news of companies, press-releases and many others. The site features such sections as IT, 3G, 4G, WiMax, Wi-Fi, catalog and tests of mobile phones, company citation rating and many others. Your special focus should be on the section “Blogs” that run by top managers of telecommunication companies.

Official newspaper

Dorogi Publishing HouseDorogi Publishing House is one of the leading media in the road sector that issues (in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation) the paper named 'Transport Rossii". This paper is an industry-wise research-and-information weekly publication.
Magazine "Avtomobilniye Dorogi" is the leading publication in road sector. The magazine is published since 1927.

Special media partner

RUBEZH magazineRUBEZH magazine is the first Russian trade and lifestyle magazine on the topic of security.It is addressed primarily to systems integrators, security equipment vendors,administrative officials and employees of specialized services. RUBEZH magazine is a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions, public forums and conferences.

Media insurance partner

MIG "Insurance today"MIG "Insurance today" the company that offers information and PR support of the Russian insurance business through internet portals "Insurance today" and "Catalogue of insurance websites". "Insurance today" (www.insur-info.ru) is a leading expert, informational and analytical web-resource for insurance market.

Media partner

Interfax-Military News Agency

Interfax-Military News Agency is Russia's only news agency that provides professional and systematic coverage of issues related to national security and defense.

Military reform, the military-industrial complex, Russia's military and technical cooperation with other countries, new developments in weapons systems, the real state of affairs in the country's security agencies, appointments and dismissals in the military leadership - these and many other topics are covered on the agency's news wire, and in weekly and monthly reports.

The Agency is staffed with qualified specialists who have worked for the Defence Ministry, the General Staff, other law-enforcement agencies and the defence industry. The Agency has a wide network of its own correspondents in military districts, fleet bases and army groups.

The Agency supplies news through online services (www.militarynews.ru) and printed daily and weekly newsletters on a commercial basis.

magazine "Technics for youth"Monthly magazines "Technics for youth" and the "Weapon" popular to talk about modern state of science and technology, about all types of weapon and armament.

M2M Russia NewsM2M Russia News is a Russian news online resource reporting news of wireless M2M technology world.

Portal publishes a variety of materials from the biggest Russian and foreign M2M manufacturers, developers, integrators, operators.

The portal is a source of the most relevant news for all M2M experts worldwide. Every day M2M Russia News delivers to you the latest and reliable information on the scope of Machine-to-Machine and the Internet of Things. The portal aims to provide its readers with quality, skilled and useful data about events, industrial applications, development of M2M technologies in Russia and abroad.

The editorial team of professionals carefully selects, classifies and structures the most current news from the world of M2M. Along with daily news, the portal is published editorial material provided by M2M industry experts: this expert information about the current situation in the market, the prospects of the M2M sphere both in business and in technology, analytical articles and reviews, interviews and exchange of experience.

“Globus: geology and business” is an information journalThe strategy of “Globus” journal unites two concepts: “business” and “specialized”. The main advantage of such an approach is that the materials presented for the managing staff in the field of subsurface use are up-to-date. Thus, any manager can get relevant information about the market trends.
An important technical feature of the journal is 3D photo projects. Each issue contains a portfolio of on-the-spot photomaterials. Photography is performed by the journal’s photographers, who go to the enterprises located in any spot of Russia and the CIS. Each issue of the journal is equipped with special 3D glasses for viewing photos.
3D photo projects outline the journal from the Mass media at different events, attract attention to the edition and allow to gain its reader. Such on-the-spot photo stories demonstrate how closely the journal cooperates with mining companies.


The Advertising Informational Agency “Standards and Quality”Publication and distribution of the magazines: «Standards and Quality», «Business Excellence», «Methods of Quality Management», «Production Quality Control», and “The World of Measurement”; books including educational and training editions, CD-versions of products on standardization, metrology, certification, quality control, technical regulation, benchmarking, and ecology.

Wireless TechnologiesWireless Technologies supplement informs the readers about the latest developments in wireless technologies, principal tendencies and perspectives in development of domestic and world market, and also about companies acting on this market. The supplement has been set up for designers and specialists in application. Circulation – 3000 copies. Periodicity – 4 issues per year. Issue volume – 64 pages and more. Distribution – Russia and CIS.
Subscription index of Wireless magazine: «Rospechat agency» catalogue 36769; KSS agency, Ukraine 27005.


"Media Publisher"

The structure of "Media Publisher" includes:

Editorial Board of «T-Comm»" and «H&ES» journals

Design Center (the publication of books and promotional items) Offset and digital printing

The journal T-Comm addresses with the offer on cooperation which can be expressed in use of our pages as a platform for accommodation of the information in sphere of telecommunications, transport and other key spheres of business. It can be analytical, materials, reviews, reports, articles about separate projects, etc.

Journal «H&ES Research» is one of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, which are published in major scientific results. Distributed for telecommunications and research institutions, ministries, departments and professional schools. Implemented advertising delivery and distribution of the journal of the visitors and participants trade fairs, conferences and seminars.

Last Mile magazine

The purpose of the publication is a comprehensive coverage of issues and problems related to granting access to global information networks for subscribers and groups of subscribers. The magazine covers such issues as the latest achievements and prospects in the field of access network technologies, “Last Mile”; equipment for cable links (copper and optical ones), wireless broadband access networks, atmospheric optical links, etc.

The magazine is addressed to those, who make decisions: both enterprise and agency executives and telecommunications engineers.

Distribution: targeted emailing, handouts at industry exhibitions (in Moscow and regions), subscription. Periodicity: 6 issues a year, circulation of 4,000 copies

The publisher is Technosphera advertising and publishing center

Radio Spectrum INO(Independent Non-profit Organization "Strategy of Use of Radio Frequency Spectrum Information Analysis Centre")
Radio Spectrum Independent Non-profit Organization was established by the regulation of December 15, 2010, of Roskomnadzor's Coordination Board of the Radio Frequency Service Bodies. It was registered with the Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Justice on December 27, 2011.
Radio Spectrum INO is:
  • R-SPECTRUM, a monthly trade magazine on telecommunications and information technology
  • RSPECTR.COM, a professional web portal on telecommunications, information technology, and mass communications
  • Daily mass media monitoring
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Authors of the Magazine and Portal:
    Head officers and experts of:
    the Russian Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Roskomnadzor, leading industry players, the Radio Frequency Service bodies, scientific organizations.
    Pursuant to the Decision No. 09-04-08 of August 19, 2009, of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies, the R-Spectrum magazine publishes decisions of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies.

    ICT-Online.ruICT-Online.ru started in 2008 and covers the issues of infocommunication technologies (that's why ICT-Online) on Russian market. The number of visitors is more than 100 thousands per month, number of subscribers who receives everyday maillist is over 2 thousands. The basic sections of ICT-Online.ru are News, Interviews, Analytics and Projects. Everyday we publish several dozens of articles.

    SOVETNIK PRESIDENTA research and information edition.SOVETNIK PRESIDENTA, Research and information edition.The edition will be delivered to the Kremlin, Presidential Executive Office and the Government Staff, State Duma and the Soviet of the Federation, the Government of Moscow and the Moscow City Duma.The edition is to be distributed according to mandatory address dispatch to the Plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation in the federal circles, Chief executives and the Legislative Bodies of regions, republics, territories, and the cities of Russia, ministries and institutions, finance and business structures, scientific centers.


    The Media Holding « Business Connection»

    The Media Holding «Business Connection» is Russian media holding issuing 5 publications devoted to deferent topics («Business Connection», «Formula of Mood», «World of Comfort», «Fitness Style», «Industry of Comfort») together covering the entire information field. The Media Holding «Business Connection» has been operating in the media market since 2008, and specializes in activities in the field of mass media, advertising, PR, information support and promotion of companies, individuals, projects, ideas, events.

    Business Connection combines several channels of business communications - В2В, В2С, B2G, G2B and G2G.

    This is a publication for business people covering various issues of business and economy, providing up-to-date information interesting for business people. Business Connection is an information business resource and effective information, expert, advertisement and image platform for business and authorities.

    Business Connection is the most vital topics, key issues of economy development and tis vector, interviews with leading representatives of the business community – business and authorities, expert opinions and author’s articles.

    We put emphasis on issues of investments, innovations and new technologies, regional development, international cooperation, finances, management, HR, science, education, successful experience of companies and regions.

    CTA magazineCTA (Contemporary Automation Technologies) is the leading Russian magazine serving process control and embedded systems markets. Every quarter we send out full color 112-page magazine containing CD-ROM to more than 10,000 professionals and decision-makers. CTA is distributed in Russia and worldwide. CTA serves various industries, communications, transport and agriculture.
    CTA PRESS has been listed in Reliable Partners' Register RF CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation cert. № 00271-000).
    MediaProNews WEB resource www.mediapro.msk.ru

    «Time of Innovation»"Time of Innovation" is dedicated to the development of economy and society. The basis of our work - active participation in the business life of the country and support innovation processes.


    ComNews GroupComNews Group issues annual bulletin “Telecoms Encyclopedia & Broadcasting. Russia” (contains detailed and objective information on all key telecom companies on Russian marketplace); monthly “Standard” magazine; daily ComNews.ru internet newspaper of telecom business news; directory “Who is Who in Russian Telecom & Broadcasting”. ComNews Group performs research and review of the regional, national and CIS telecom markets in the frames of a daughter company ComNews Research

    LogLinkLogLink.ru is the first Russian internet resource, which goal is to consolidate information of all companies which extensively use supply chain technologies in day to day operations.

    The « Inform Union Groupp »The «InformUnion Grupp» specializes in the edition of industry catalogues, Internet resources
    www.oborudunion.ru www.opt-union.ru www.stroy-union.ru

    Magazine «Engineer and industrialist today» Magazine «Engineer and industrialist today» with the purpose of propaganda and popularization of the best practices and actual achievements for the introduction in the economy of modern technologies consistently tells about the work on the development of high-tech production. Thematic focus is the work of the different branches of the economy, the intellectual Foundation of which are labour, creativity and talent of scientists, engineers, Industrialists.


    GIS-AssociationGIS-Association is an interregional public organization, which motto is to support the development of the Russian market of geoinformation technologies and services.
    GIS-Association is the major developer of the «Concept of the formation of spatial data infrastructure (SDI) as an element of state information resources»; «Concept of Information Systems Designed for City Planning».
    The main activities are listed below:
  • maintenance of the news portal gisa.ru;
  • publishing the «Territories development management» journal;
  • organizing of thematic conferences and seminars;
  • support of the human resources (HR) activity;
  • enhancement of the russian geoinformatics regulation.

  • The magazine «Geoprofi»Geoprofi — the magazine on a geodesy, cartography and navigation. The magazine is focused on the nonproduction personnel of the industrial enterprises, developers and suppliers of the equipment, software and technologies, teachers and post-graduate students of educational institutions. In the Internet on a site www.geoprofi.ru the full electronic version of all numbers of magazine is free of charge accessible.


    IKS- MediaIKS-Media – information resource for business in Telecom, IT, Media in Russia and CIS.

    IKS-magazine and web-portal iksmedia.ru - effective sources of information for CIO, specialists of IT departments in large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as ICT industry specialists.
    IKS- Media provides industry news, analytics, M&A, surveys and market forecasts, technologies and services, top person’s news.


    Fulcrum MagazineALMEGA publishes business magazine FULCRUM. The major thematic issues of which are dedicated to the questions of power engineering, oil and gas complex, construction industry, security, housing and communal services and others. The magazine informs about industry’s important events, new production, innovations, contains reviews, feature-stories, interviews. It is distributed by the means of subscription, direct mail and at the biggest exhibitions and shows of Moscow.

    PRO Business TV

    PRO Business TV Channel is the first and the only TV channel in Russia broadcasting on behalf of real business.

    The TV program authors and anchors are company directors, bank presidents, manufacturers and entrepreneurs, who share their experience in organizing business, discuss PRACTICAL management issues.

    The TV channel’s topics are: economy and finances, marketing and advertising, business in Internet, sales management, modern technologies, company management, secrets of success from the first persons, business and society, and many others.

    In the inter-program space the televiewers receive a schedule of leading business events a month ahead, advertising, TV program announcements, weather forecast.

    The TV channel’s audience is around 4,500,000 subsribers.

    RSP EXPERT, MAGAZINEThe business paper focused on the decision of problems of industrial transport. The purposes of magazine: maintenance of information needs of the experts in the field of designing, construction, maintenance and operation of ways of an industrial railway transportation, logistics, management of the risks connected with operation railway and motor transport, the publication of normative documents, help materials, materials on logistics, safety of transportations, the analysis of events and tendencies of the markets.

    Magazine "Roads and Transport"The official organ of the Union of Transport of Russia and the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation for Transport and forwarding.
    The winner of the All-Russian contest "Roads of Russia-2015", "Roads of Russia-2014" - the magazine "Roads and Transport" is the only Russian publication covering all sectors of transport and road facilities of the Russian Federation. Provided saturated news blocks, deep analytics, high level publications, quality design layout.
    Publication in the "Roads and Transport" will become the property of more than 26 000 companies included in the structure of associations and unions that are members of the TDB. The magazine is distributed in the EAEC, magazine is delivered to the heads of the subjects and the Minister addressable.

    RNSinfoRNSinfo is a professional web portal, modern source of relevant information on navigation and transport. Our portal is the first professional-oriented website publishing materials on transport monitoring devices (tachographs). RNSinfo provides news, technical specifications, supplemental information, analytics and creates the most comfortable place of meeting for suppliers and consumers of GLONASS/GPS equipment, monitoring devices (tachographs) and transport security systems. Informational web portal RNSinfo is designed for а broad audience of internet users from different regions of Russia. It consolidates executives and managers of transport enterprises, equipment suppliers and dealers – those who are directly connected with current navigation technologies.


    GAI RUGAI RU over 15 years is one of the most popular and fastest growing, automotive online editions of the Russian Internet. At GAI RU presented about 550,000 pages with an accessible and reliable information, popular online services with automotive news, services for current and future car owners.

    The New Defence Order. Strategy magazineThe New Defence Order. Strategy magazine is a business edition and web-site for designers, manufacturers and customers of the military-industrial complex and related industries.
    Articles, analytics and information from the largest enterprises of the military-industrial complex, leading scientists and economists. Firsthand success stories. Bilingual (Russian, English).

    «Modern electronics» magazine«Modern electronics» is the leading journal for specialists, managers and heads of the enterprises, engaged development and manufacture of electronic technique. You can find information about electronic components, units, modules and devices, systems of designing and modeling in the journal. Interesting news from the whole world about scientific and technological achievements in the field of electronics also presented. The free-of-charge subscription for specialists is provided.

    Aviapanorama MagazineAviapanorama Magazine: innovative development of aviation and astronautics, ensuring the life cycle of aerospace hardware, its fail-safe use and effective application. The character of publications is expert-analytical. Besides electronic and web issues of the magazine, its materials are posted in a number of information resources. To learn more, please see the attachment to the editor’s section on http://aviapanorama.ru


    Connect.WIT, Magazine“Connect.WIT, Magazine” magazine is the authoritative Russian monthly business-magazine about telecommunication and information technologies. This edition comprehensively deals with modern trends in the world of communication and information, serves as a guidebook for modern businessperson in the global infocommunicational space. On the pages of monthly magazine there are:
  • the examination of the state and prospects of the market of information and telecommunication technologies
  • the experience of information and communication in the fields and departments
  • modern business technologies provided by leading integrators, vendors, suppliers of solutions
  • art company management
  • opinions and recommendations of specialists.

  • PLUS JournalPLUS Journal covers such topics as payment industry news, remote banking services, mobile financial services, technologies and solutions, service infrastructure, security & ID, self-service, public services, cash circulation.
    The current base of subscribers to PLUS Journal and visitors of PLUSworld.ru information portal, as well as strong business ties we have built for almost 20 years of work allow us to deliver information directly to top managers including directors, vice presidents and vice chairmen of financial institutions, production and technological companies, middle managers who directly participate in preparing and taking long-term decisions on implementing certain projects in banks and other commercial and government structures.

    RETAIL & LOYALTY JournalRETAIL & LOYALTY Journal covers the best foreign and domestic experience in offline and online retail: m/e-commerce, loyalty programs, payment systems, POS-lending, IT solutions (CRM, BI, and etc.), safety, contactless technology (RFID, NFC, etc.), self-service systems (Self-Checkout, vending, etc.), co-branded marketing campaigns, etc.
    The Journal audience:
  • TOP-managers of food, non-food, DIY, fashion, HoReCa, e-Commerce retail businesses;
  • Leading experts in online and offline retail;
  • Staff of airlines, insurance companies, fuel stations, tour operators;
  • Services and solutions providers;
  • Market regulators and other entities.

  • Russian Agency Of The Information Society Development "RARIO"Created in 2008 in order to stir up the public participation in the processes of building and development of an information society in Russia. RARIO main objectives: support of civil initiatives concerned with information service users, dissemination the best practices of creating information society elements, increasing information literacy and developing the information culture in society.

    Json.tvJSON.TV is the leading market analyst and purveyor of strategic news for the Telecom, IT and Internet sectors within Russia and CIS. Through a wealth of analyst data provided by consultancy and market strategist J`son & Partners, JSON TV provides deep market insights to an online global audience. JSON.TV (Analytics + TV) is a brand-new video-format of ICT markets research and analysis, global trends monitoring, overview of the key events and professional analytics across all the segments of the telecom, IT, media, Internet markets and digital industry in Russia and CIS.

    Monitor info-agencyMonitor info-agency publishes more than 60 monthly B2B bulletins in various business fields. Every department of a company will definitely find the most useful news bulletin among the list of our editions. We both make paper copies and electronic versions. Our TOP-editions are: «Transport security and supervision»; «Economic security of your business»; «Telecom news»; «PR & advertisement»; «Information security» and other items. You can find the total list of Monitor editions, complimentary copies and full descriptions on your web-page. Subscription can be made with any subscription agency or via our office.


    Insurance News AgencyInsurance News Agency (ASN) is the leading Internet-based mass communication medium in the insurance industry. Since 2000 we have been working for both insurance professionals and customers. We provide a number of free consulting services, with “People’s Top: Insurance Companies’ Rating” and “Insurance Hot Line” taking the lead. These services help customers find effective solutions to the problems with insurance companies.


    Bestsellers of IT marketThe publication analyzes market status general competitive situation, trends and key events in the main hardware segments: computers and components, peripherals, consumables, UPS, presentation equipment, telecommunications, digital cameras and other…
    Frequency: Four times a year A4 magazine
    Circulation: 20,000
    Distribution: Free of charge delivery (90%): vendors, distributors, resellers (45%), it-managers of non-computer companies (45%). Editorial subscription, retail, marketing fund – 10%


    Intelligent Enterprise/Корпоративные системы, magazine«Intelligent Enterprise/Корпоративные системы» - business -oriented edition focused on CIO and top management of local Enterprises. The key mission of Intelligent Enterprise consist in analyzing an experience and knowledge base of information technology application in business in close connection with particular economic problems and governance practice. The main strategic goal of the magazine – to gain a reputation of overall source of information for its target audience. Intelligent Enterprise also wish to create the rich information space for discussions and opinion sharing between those, who supply IT solutions and use them.


    PC WEEK/Russian Edition “PC WEEK/Russian Edition” is a weekly IT newspaper. The newspaper covers leading technologies, news of the world and Russian computer markets of interest to corporate user. It is distributed free of charge to companies with more than 10 PCs.


    PC Magazine/Russian Edition Персональный компьютер сегодня PC MAGAZINE/Russian Edition ( + СD ) is the leading monthly computer magazine. The magazine covers the latest world and Russian technological developments and products of interest to a wide spectrum of users. The magazine comes out 12 times a year with a circulation of 40,000 copeis.


    Softline Softline is a leading global IT (information technology) solution provider operating on different markets all around the world including Russia and CIS, Latin America, India and Southeast Asia. Our expertise includes complex technology solutions, software licensing, hardware products and services. We have strong cloud offering powered by our own cloud platform.


    Magazine "Transport of the Russian Federation"Magazine "Transport of the Russian Federation" - the edition for heads and experts of the enterprises of a transport complex, representatives of authority; questions of development of transport system of Russia, formation of the transport logislation, the newest developments of experts in the area of transport safety, etc.
    The magazine is published since October, 2005, since February, 19th, 2010 is included in the list of the Higher Certifying commission, print format 210x297mm, print in full color, 15000 issues, Frequency: 6 times/year.


    "Auto Plus""Auto Plus" - entertaining and educational TV channel for car enthusiasts, who 24 hours a day, talks about cars and motor sports, using modern surveying technology and professional team.
    "Auto Plus" first broadcast in 2006, and today it can watch more than 18 million households in the territory of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. The channel is distributed by operators of satellite and cable television.
    Every day on the air: test drives of new models and used car reviews, car history and exotic, reports from the world and live broadcasts auto racing series, the news from the wheels and heated debate in the studio.


    Journal “Navigation News”The journal has been registered by the RF Ministry of press, teleradiocommunications and mass media under the registration number PI №77-5073.
    The journal publishes official state documents, articles, papers and synopses on actual problems of the development of navigation aids and technologies for wide range of readers. The journal also presents summaries and presentations from conferences, symposia, meetings and workshops, operating information on navigation business and novel products, status of navigation systems, institutional changes in transportation and industry, information about RPIN activities and other national navigation institutes and international organizations as International Association of Institutes of Navigation, ICAO, IMO, International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities, European Space Agency, Eurocontrol, etc. There are columns of calendars of international, national and regional events and abstracts of new books and publications.
    The journal is intended for specialists in navigation of aircraft, marine and river vessels, space and terrestrial vehicles, pilot, geodetic and geoinformation support, hydrography, land utilization, geodetic survey etc.

    International Industrial Portal PV.RU"Promishlenny Vestnik" is a magazine and Internet portal www.promvest.info with more than ten years history. Now the magazine is published in both print and electronic format for iPad, Android devices. It is distributed at trade shows and in business centers. The portal is visited by more than 200,000 industry professionals, Directors of enterprises, businessmen and investors.
    Portal is a news partner of Yandex.News and daily it publishes the latest information about all the industries and automotive industry news, the most important events in the economy, business and Finance for business.

    "News of cosmonautics"Covering main events in Russian and international space activities, history of cosmonautics of the world, advances in missiles and space technology, statistics and analytics, space law, space-related persons and their life, planetology and astronomy, unique events and phenomena. Published since 1991.

    12NEWSInformational Agency 12NEWS is an agency of adequate news about automation management systems for present-day enterprises. There are both bad and good news about automation systems. Objectiveness is the main mission of 12NEWS and the most complicated as well. 12NEWS reveals to the reader the myth of ERP systems power and their business effectiveness by dint of thematic collatings, authentic ratings and visitors' participation, who can write a question to vendors and system implementators, say thank you or complain. We are filtrating IT news and making them coloured!


    Industrial WeeklyIndustrial Weekly has been in circulation since 2002 and has become a multi-purpose inter-industry platform for Russian industrialists and government representatives. It is circulated all over Russia. The aim of the edition is to present most promising projects and potentials of the Russian industry and energy sector in the national and international markets. Extends across all Russia. Subscription indexes: 45774 and 83475 – "Rospechat" and «Press of Russia», 10887 and 10888 – «Mail of Russia».

    Vestnik sviazyThe journal provides coverage of the telecommunications situation in Russia and the CIS. Particular emphasis is placed on policies pursued by intergovernmental organizations involved in regulation of telecom operators and suppliers’ activities.

    SecurityMedia Rus SecurityMedia Rus (15 years) is only media operator in the field of security of strategic sectors of Russian economy. Our media projects have a clear professional orientation and the target audience: 1. "Transport security and technologies". 2. "Security & Safety of Energy Facilities" 3. "Security & Safety of Buildings and Structures”. 4. "Fire protection. Fire automatics. Means of Rescue".
    Organizer of key industry events and conferences on transport security, security of energy facilities, anti-terrorist protection and security for the 2018 FIFA World Cup facilities.
    General information and strategic partner of the largest convention and exhibition industry events in the field of security, fire protection, anti-terrorism, communication, navigation equipment and defense.

    ID ExpertID Expert is a web-journal about Auto ID, enterprise mobility, data capture technologies and their applications. ID Expert gives the possibilities for IT professionals to share their knowledge and experience, to inform about their products, services and solutions, to know about the latest market trends.

    RusbaseRusbase company is the independent media on business & technologies that also provides services and organizes professional events

    ERBAS associationThe ERBAS association is the first and the largest professional association of the legal entities, which are carrying out development and operation of unmanned aircraft systems.
    Members of Association receive
  • Maintenance of necessary procedures of registration, certification of aircraft systems and certifications of aviation personnel;
  • Collective insurance protection on a case of occurrence of property responsibility for infliction of harm to the third parties;
  • Legal and expert support in necessary cases;
  • Participation in development of offers for authorities on improvement of the legislation;
  • Active advance of the technologies and services through resources of Association;
  • For the benefit of the customer Asotsiation provides
  • High quality of performance of work, thanks to strict rules of Association and control of their observance;
  • The guaranteed indemnification, received when working by the member of Association and violation of the established rules;
  • Pre-judicial and extrajudicial settlement of disputes about quality of the performed works.