Maksimenko Vladimir

Vladimir Maksimenko is a assistant professor of the Moscow technical university of connection and informatics (МТUCI). Made off the Taganrog radiotechnical institute (ТRТI) on speciality "Computer, systems and networks" and аспирантуру of the Moscow power institute (МPI). Worked in the Central research institute of connection (ZNIIC) and Institute of cellular (ICC). An area of scientific interests is calculable structures and systems, system methods of development of инфокоммуникационных services on the basis of position-fix, defence of information and quality of services of movable cellular. The results of research are reflected in more than 160 publications, including - 3 collective monographs  and 21 invention.


‘Smart car’: Technologies and services
«The modernization of services of the system ERA-GLONASS»
The report proposes to consider options for use as «ERA GLONASS» to provide new services then can be implemented by software without changing the hardware component of the car terminal.
Implementation of the proposed services may be used by the service organizations of the movement, and in the system of life insurance of motorists and vehicles.