Petrov Nikolay

Business Development Manager


From point A to point B: New alternatives
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  • The Joint Consumption Economy is Reality
  • In the 21st century the mankind faced the issue of extremely ineffective resource consumption. Thanks to the development of Internet and mobile technologies the alternative economy of joint consumption gained momentum to develop. Today it has already penetrated all spheres of human activities. BlaBlaCar became successful precisely through this simple idea – the fellow travelers jointly pay travel expenses while traveling nationally.

  • Reliable Fellow-Traveler Community
  • The short story about how BlaBlaCar occupied a ride-sharing niche. Peculiarities of the service (desktop and mobile versions). Principles: No commercial drivers, full openness, identification of all community members. Self-regulating, through mutual feedback and ratings, community.

  • Effective Transport Solution
  • BlaBlaCar is an alternative to other transport operators, but an addition to them. It is important to remember that 76% of trips to Europe are made by motorists. The average car workload is 1.7 people per car, in BlaBlaCar it is 2,8. The joint trips with fellow-travelers can increase the workload of toll roads in Russia in 4 times.

  • Ride-sharing Impacts Road Safety
  • Recently BlaBlaCar has conducted a global research on how the ride-sharing impacted road safety. They received curious results, including: 74% of drivers stated that while riding with passengers they were more accurate about traffic regulations; 84% of BlaBlaCar driver claimed that the presence of passengers in the vehicle helped them to stay awake and watch the road attentively.