Silin Sergey

Head of International Affairs Division

Born 6/12/1956 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow institute of radio engineering, electronics and automatic equipment (MIREA) in 1979. Worked in scientific research institute "Titan" (Moscow), in the Central computer center of the Moscow Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, State scientific research institute "Aeronavigation". From 1996 to 2010 I worked at public service in Federal Aviation Authority, Federal Air Transport Authority, Federal Air Navigation Authority as the head of department. Since 2010 works in Navis Inc. Design Bureau . Has several publications in Navigation News and GLONASS Bulletin magazines.


Satellite Navigation: Space systems, functional supplements, international cooperation
«Perspective Directions of the International Cooperation in the PNT normative and technical regulation sphere»

In the report the basic principles of the international cooperation in normative and technical regulation of KVNO are considered, the analysis of the main international standard and technical documentation regulating use of the global navigation satellite systems created within various international organizations is provided.