Tsvetkov Alexander

Research engineer 1 cat.
Branch of JSC “URSC” – “ISDE”

January, 3rd, 1989, Zelenograd.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Bauman MSTU), Radio-electronic systems, Moscow, 2014.

GUPNPTS «SPURT» Zelenograd, adjusterofradio-electronicequipment, Zelenograd, 2007 - 2008.

AO Russian Space Systems,researchengineer 3cat., Moscow, 2011 – 2012.

Branch of JSC “URSC” – “ISDE”, research engineer, Moscow, 2013 –till present


Navigation modules and equipment
«Module of interference canceller»

Some results of development of the interference canceller module on the basis of a four-element antenna array with reduction jumming on a radio frequency and use of gradient methods of calculation of weight coefficients are presented. Accessible level of reduction 35..40dB.