Liukmanov Ramil

Project Director
Liukmanov Ramil was born and grew up in Moscow. In 2012 he graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) with a degree in National Economy. Since 2010 till 2015 has worked in the TECHNOSERV, CFT, X5 Retail Group, BDO Unicon Group companies within the Information Technology direction. In 2015 Ramil has joined the NEKLO company as a Project Manager and a Deputy General Director of the company’s office in Moscow.


Geo-services for IoT:
«Indoor navigation with the iBeacon technology»

NEKLO develops high-load web-projects, applications and mobile platforms, as well as integrated e-commerce solutions.
Headquartered in San Bruno, CA, we have offices in the United States, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Our client list includes companies in North America, Europe, Russia, and the CIS.
We use state-of-the-art technologies to help companies around the world represent their businesses on the Internet.

NEKLO is an official distributor of iBeacon technology developed by

Our company has developed Beacon Smart Store, a handy control panel for managing beacons.

The control panel has a number of functionalities that enable businesses to:

  • Greet customers personally via notifications displayed on the screen of their smartphones.
  • Draw attention to specific offers, such as discounts or new products, - a smartphone will notify the customer as they approach them.
  • Personally thank every customer for visiting your store or shopping center, as they are on their way out.
  • Notify customers of new products and special offers, as well as of any other information.
  • Estimate the duration of stay of customers in a particular part of your store or a shopping center.
  • Identify shopping areas and stands that attract the largest number of customers.
  • Identify customers’ routes.

  • Navigation with iBeacon

    iBeacon features indoor-navigation that helps people navigate within large premises, find their car in a parking lot, find and select the shortest path to the store in the shopping center. The users save their time considerably thanks to the navigation service. As for companies offering their products and services, indoor navigation enables them to significantly improve usability and attract clients and customers. Thanks to iBeacon technology, business owners can help users navigate quickly, as well as provide them with useful information and advertising services. The businesses will also get plenty of useful data to analyze.

    The Beacon Smart Store control panel features services to control navigation, position beacons, as well as routing services.