Zaytsev Yuriy

Head of ERA Test Laboratory
He was born on April 1, 1958 in Kharkov.
In 1975, he graduated from a high school.
From 1977 till 1979, he passed compulsory military service in F.E. Dzerzhinsky Division as a Radiotelegraph Operator, Chief of the Vehicle Radio Station.
In 1985, he graduated from Mozhaisky Military Space Academy with a degree in Automation Systems of Performance of the Airplane’s Controls.
From 1985 till 2003 he passed service at the Main Test and Space Systems Controls Centre. He started as an Earth Station Engineer and worked his way up to become Deputy Chief of Testing Department.
In 2003, he was dismissed to reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel, as he reached the age limit of fulfilling a military service obligation.
From 2003, he has been working at the Certification Centre Svyaz-sertificat beginning as a Test Engineer, and from 2006 – as Chief of the Testing Laboratory.


Navigation modules and equipment
«Peculiarities of running certification tests of emergency service call devices»