Gritsenko Maksim

Senior project manager

In 2007 has graduated information technology faculty in the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (technical university).
Since 2005 started a work in Ford Motor company (this is Ford Sollers at the moment) in Information technology department. Many different and interested projects were implemented during this long period, the business value and production increases were delivered to the company.
Since this time when Joint venture between Ford Motor company and Sollers created in 2011, I continue working as project leader in IT department, During the last 5 years my team has been launched too different application and infrastructure to support new plant launches in Elabuga and Chelny cities. At the moment of time I develop new services as based on navigation systems and new vehicle possibilities – connected car, ERA-Glonass, telematics services and etc…


‘Smart car’: Technologies and services
«Connected car»
  • Connected vehicle as service from automotive company.
  • BIG DATA, what is it?
  • Connected car solution as based on ERA-Glonass services.
  • Telematics services for third suppliers.
  • Fleet management.
  • Additional navigation services on based connected car possibilities.