Korneyev Mikhail

Chief Operating Officer

Mikhail has whide technical and enterpreneural experience. He've founded 3 companies in tinernet/it sphere. Has a hudge experience of working with technology startups. Works as Navigine COO since October 2015.


Geo-services for IoT:
«Indoor navigation: Review of solutions implemented in Russia»

The global market of indoor navigation solutions will reach $ 4.5 billion by 2019. At the moment, the main market share belongs to solutions that use radio signals to determine position (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, UWB, etc.). In Russia there are few companies that have a high level of expertise in this area. A brief overview of these companies is described in the report as well as use cases in Russia in the following areas:

  • Retail, shopping centers (consumer behavior, analytics, advertising).
  • Production (security, performance improvement).
  • Transport hubs, Airports (customer experience, analytics, advertising).
  • Museums (customer experience, content delivery).
  • Exhibitions (customer experience).
  • Banks (customer experience, analytics).