Liebermann Eugene


Eugene Liebermann grew up in the Far East. Graduated from the Financial University in Yekaterinburg, and by the year of 2011 he moved to Moscow.
For three years was involved in to development of robotics and the artificial intelligence. He participated in the development of humanoid robots, unmanned aerial systems, intelligent systems, machine vision ..

In 2014 he came up with an idea of the mobile applications that facilitates the entire parking cycle for the driver in any metropolis of the world, showing the about to leave drivers and vacated parking spots in real time.


‘Smart car’: Technologies and services
«Smart Parking»
  • A vehicle that automatically pays for parking for you, with the help of ParkApp, defining their own parking area and price.
  • Vehicle diagnostics in the app - Park App will remind the driver how much fuel is left, show the oil level and tire pressure, report the results of Technical Service and notify the driver if someone bumped his parked car.
  • The car will be reporting to the server automatically owing to what the ParkApp could notify the drivers about the parking spots becoming vacated. Accordingly, all the drivers will be able to know in advance where they can park their car.