Chernyakovsky Dmitry

Occupation and professional achievements: business management and technical leadership for group of companies "NTLab" (Development of electronic components and electronic devices) - more than 25 years.

Projects management in Microelectronics - more than 80 successfully implemented projects in the fields: satellite navigation, telecom, radio frequency identification, UAVs, and others.

Key experience: technical and administrative leadership for the team of 150 design engineers.

The organization of development and manufacturing of VLSI in international cooperation with more than 10-th world-biggest semiconductor factories.

Education: Belarusian State University, Faculty of Radio physics - Research Engineer. Positions for the last 5 years: Owner and CEO of the group of companies "NTLab".


Navigation modules and equipment
«High-precision and anti-jam navigation receivers - a response to the demands of the modern mass market»

The speech examines the impact of the development of microelectronic technologies on the functional characteristics of navigation equipment, developed on the basis of components designed by NTLab for 15 years. Analyzes the ASIC development trends to ensure the massive use of high-precision equipment, in particular, the creation of multi-band multi-channel satellite radio receivers and implementation of modern methods of augmentation data transmission, including MIMO and LoRa technologies. The problems of creation of special equipment for monitoring of critical facilities, cost-effective solutions for anti-jam navigation and communication equipment. A special place in the report is given to the solutions for complex digital systems of precise farming, based on domestic own-designed navigation and communication ASICs, using UAV high-precision positioning.