Druzhin Andrey

Andrey V. Druzhin is a senior scientific researcher at the Synchronization Systems Department of Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time, St. Petersburg. Graduated from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg in 1996 and received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in theoretical physics in 2001.


Satellite Navigation: Space systems, functional supplements, international cooperation
«Monitoring of GNSS Parameters in Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time»

Operational and emerging Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and others provide high-accuracy determination of position, velocity and time for land, marine, air and other kinds of users. Therefore, monitoring of GNSS timing parameters is extremely important.

In 1996 a Regional Navigation/Timing Center (RNVC) on the basis of secondary Time/Frequency Reference was created in Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (now “Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time” JSC). One of the main functions of RNVC was to provide monitoring of GLONASS timing parameters and to inform time users of GLONASS operation.

The need for RNVC was caused by the fact that GLONASS Coordinating Research/Informational Center (CRIC) and PNT Information Analysis Center (IAC) of Central Research Institute of Machine Building provided information on GLONASS operation mainly for navigation users.

Now the main tasks of RNVC are:

  • to collect real-time information on operation and accuracy parameters of developed by RIRT GLONASS synchronization facilities including, first of all, onboard synchronizing devices of space vehicles;
  • to provide the accuracy monitoring of GLONASS Time generation referenced to Russian national time scale UTC(SU);
  • to provide the accuracy monitoring of UTC(SU) broadcast by GLONASS;
  • to analyze the results of monitoring and the quality of timing information provided to GLONASS users.