Ufimtsev Alexander

Deputy CEO

Date, place of birth — August 11, 1966. Moscow
1988-1993 — Central Scientific-Production Association “Kometa”, Lead engineer.
1993-2006 — Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Head of IT Department.
1996-2000 — Iridium-Eurasia Ltd., Business Operetions and Customer Care Director
2006-2008 — M2M telematics Group, Deputy CEO, Foreign Relations
2008-2014 — Content Master, Ltd., Deputy CEO .
At present — SpaceTeamLab Ltd., Deputy CEO.


Motor passenger and cargo transportations: What new is navigation able to give?
«Creating a complex system of monitoring, safety and information service of city transport passengers»

Integrated fleet mangenet,video surveillance and passenger infotainment system for urban public transport is targeted to improve the quality of passenger services and safety.The project started in September 2015.The system provides realization of the following capabilities: full-featured fleet management, remote diagnostics of key components and assemblies of vehicles, control of style and driving quality, video recording of the situation in the cabin and around the vehicle, passenger information services by means of information and entertainment geotargeted mediachannel, transport сonditions control, passenger counting, etc. The main element of the system is the terminal of the ERA-GLONASS emergency response system with extended functional capabilities. The project is implemented with the support of the GAZ Group.