Kuznetsov Andrey

Born on February 27, 1982 in the city of Alma-Ata
In 2004 he graduated from the Orenburg state pedagogical University (OGPU) in “Chemistry and Ecology”. In 2003 he graduated from the military Department of the OGPU in the direction of “Military psychology”.
In 2005-2007 he served in the armed forces of the Russian Federation head of the radio-technical center. Senior Lieutenant in the reserve.
In 2007-2010 — individual entrepreneur. Worked in the field of maintenance of the systems of satellite monitoring of mobile objects. Since may 2010, is the founder and Director of “Global Monitoring”. In 2013 he attended a training on the Practical use of GLONASS in various sectors of the economy" at the Moscow aviation Institute.


Navigation solutions in motor transport for the state, regions and companies: Systems, equipment, services
«The regional navigation and information system, as a component of the hardware-software complex "Safe city"»

In recent years, one of the drivers of market development of navigation technologies were created in various regions of Russia, regional navigation and information systems (RNIS). RNIS were the basis for the development of satellite navigation systems GLONASS technologies and other results of space activities for the region. Since its introduction, the proposed government, Concepts and development of hardware-software complex "Safe city" a global approach to the construction of geographic information systems at the regional and municipal level has changed somewhat. Now at the forefront put security issues and management decisions in various situations. And RNIS, from the base of geographic information system in the region, has been transformed into one of the many subsystems HSC "Safe City".

Based on the recent decisions of the government of the interdepartmental commission on issues related to the introduction and development of agribusiness systems "Safe City", in the current situation HSC "Safe City" in the near future will be built mainly due to the integration of existing regional and municipal systems. A RNIS, as one of the underlying systems involved in transport security, already in force in many regions. Therefore, in such a situation RNIS come to the fore in matters of construction and development of hardware-software complex "Safe City". Furthermore, HSC "Safe City" as a routine management tool includes the elements of the "112" system, which is known to directly interact with GAIS "ERA-GLONASS".

The report focuses on the results of scientific and applied research regarding the analysis of the practice of construction and development of hardware-software complex "Safe city" on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. The report consolidates the experience and allow to adjust the current activities and plans for development of the professional community and other participants of the forum on the basis of the latest trends in fishery products.

The main theses of the report:

  • "Hardware-software complex "Safe City". First results and prospects of development";
  • RNIS, as one of the key components of the HSC "Safe City";
  • Transport security using GLONASS technologies within the HSC "Safe City".